Between the 13th – 15th March, Mexican writer Juan Pablo Villalobos will come to Romania, at the invitation of Curtea Veche Publishing. With this occassion, the writer will be visiting Bookfest Timișoara, the 2nd Edition.

On the 15th March, starting 6 P.M., readers will be able to meet with Juan Pablo Villalobos. Author or prose, essays and literary criticism, he adopts a large diversity of themes in his texts, from the influence of the Avant-garde on the works of César Aira to “tangology”, and from erotic themes to the Latin-American literature from the first half of the 20th century. He has been a scholarship recipient of the Alßan program, financed by the European Union, and has received the title of doctor in literary criticism and compared literature from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Of Mexican decent, he has been living in Brazil for the last few years. Down the Rabbit Hole, his first book, made quite a stir around the World right after it was published, gaining direct entry on the short-list for the Gurdian First Book Award, and little after a year from its publication it had already been published in fifteen countries.

“Funny, convincing, appalling, it’s a punch-packer for one so small” (The Daily Telegraph), Down the Rabbit Hole is “a reflection on Mexico seen from outside Mexico”, as the author himself describes it, teeming with irony and controversial themes, presented with tasteful innocence. Tochtli, the sun of a feared Mexican mobster, candidly tells the story of the universe which surrounds him, a drug paradise in which the fantasy of childhood overlaps with the most atrocious events. To his personal zoo, situated inside the isolated palace in which he lives together with his father and one hundred servants, Tochtle wants to add a pigmy hippo from Liberia.

The author is currently on a tour, promoting his book around Europe, and before his visit to Romania he has been invited to France, where he is also nominated for a literary prize, and Bulgaria.